Annual Report 2008


The FY08 tax rate was set at $17.02 per thousand.

The town voted to move to a preliminary tax bill system starting this year. The first bill of 50% (estimated) went out in October. The second (finalized) bill should go out in as soon as this years triennial revaluation is completed.

In May 2008 Todd Soucy was elected to a three year term to replace Carolyn Huslander.

As of December 2008 the Assessors Office was operating within budget.

During 2008, the Board:

- Held 41 scheduled meetings

- Reviewed 80 requests for abatement or exemption of tax


  22 real estate abatements

  1 personal property tax abatement

  38 motor vehicle excise tax abatements

  9 property tax exemptions


   4 motor vehicle excise tax abatements

   6 real estate tax abatements

- Attended one appellate tax board hearing

NOTE: The board would like to remind all those who have annual tax exemption or chapter land application requests (elderly, veterans, Chapter 61, etc.) that it is important that you mark your calendar and get the paperwork in on time each and every year (annual or 10 years for Chapter 61 etc.) if you are planning to continue to request these exemptions.

The board can’t approve an exemption or application for you if the application isn’t postmarked or in hand by the deadline each year.


Respectfully submitted,

Wendell Board of Assessors