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Science Fiction and Horror Movie series for 2017

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Coming in 2017: Werewolves and Martians!

For the 2017 season the Science Fiction / Horror Movie series will follow two themes: The Science Fiction theme will be the planet Mars and the Horror theme will be werewolves. Both of these themes are well covered in literature and on screen (big and little). The "red" planet has fascinated authors, especially with regards to the question of whether there is life on Mars. Early authors had fanciful notions of intelligent life and more modern writers has speculated about the more likely possibility of microbial life on Mars. Other authors have speculated about colonizing Mars. The six movies and one TV miniseries covers the whole range of this speculation. On the other hand, the full Moon has fascinated humanity since the stone age and amongst the things that go bump in the night, there is the relationship between humans and wolves and the idea that some humans are sometimes wolves and some wolves walk amongst us as fellow humans...

The Martian ChroniclesWe are starting the 2017 season with a three night showing of a TV miniseries based on Ray Bradbury's The Martian Chronicles, staring Rock Hudson. This epic novel (really a collection of short stories) speculates about a very old Martian civilization and the conflict of Humans landing on and eventually colonizing Mars, effectively pushing the native Martian civilization into extinction. In many ways Mr. Bradbury's story mirrors what the Europeans did with the Americas. The three parts will be on three nights: The Expeditions on Wednesday January 18, The Colonists on Friday January 20, and The Martians on Sunday January 22 at 7:30pm each night. Not Rated.

The MartianNested in the three night showing of The Martian Chronicles, is the our first Martian movie of the year: The Martian, which is a speculative story of what might happen if NASA's first manned Martian mission was forced to leave early and leave one member of the crew behind, thinking he was dead. But it turns out he survived and now it is a race against time to mount a rescue and the story of how he manages to survive until he can be rescued. Rated PG-13.
Saturday January 21, at 7:30pm

WolfIn February we will have our first werewolf movie: Wolf, featuring Jack Nicholson as an urbane New York publishing editor who gets bitten by a wolf on a trip up to Vermont. Upon returning to New York things start to change and become rather "hairy". And just to make things more interesting Michelle Pfeiffer plays a rich man's daughter and possible victim (or maybe not)... Rated R.
Saturday February 25, at 7:30pm

Red PlanetIn March we will present a movie, Red Planet, about preparing Mars for colonization by seeding it with photosynthetic life to make the Martian atmosphere thicker and oxygen rich, but something goes wrong and a group of astronauts are sent to Mars to find out what happened... Rated PG-13.
Saturday March 25, at 7:30pm

She Wolf Of LondonIn April we get to see what June Lockhart was up to before she became a TV mom (Lassie, Lost In Space). Was she maybe the She Wolf of London? Not Rated.
Saturday April 22, at 7:30pm

Mission To MarsIn May we travel with Gary Sinise and Tim Robbins on a Mission to Mars to see what happened to a previous expedition to Mars. Rated PG.
Saturday May 20, at 7:30pm

Red Riding HoodIn June we will have a retelling of the classic fairy tale of Red Riding Hood. Set in medieval times this movie is about a young woman facing an arranged marriage to man she does not care for -- she would rather marry another man, and when her sister is selected to be sacrificed to the local werewolf, things get dicey with speculation as to who is the werewolf. Could it be Red Riding Hood's boyfriend, or her grandmother? Or somebody else? Rated PG-13.
Saturday June 24, at 7:30pm

The Last Days On MarsIn July we have another movie that speculates about life on Mars, in this case fossilized microbial life. But when the fossilized microbes the astronauts find are revived, things go terribly wrong during The Last Days On Mars... Rated R.
Saturday July 22, at 7:30pm

The HowlingIn August The Howling poses the question: can werewolves peacefully integrate with modern society? This howling question is posed by a psychiatrist (Patrick Macnee)... Rated R.
Saturday August 19, at 7:30pm

John CarterIn September we have a total fantasy romp with Edgar Rice Burroughs's story of a Civil War veteran (John Carter) who is transported to Mars and then has adventures involving the local Martian civilization with all sorts of daring do, including rescuing a Martian princess... Rated PG-13.
Saturday September 16, at 7:30pm

Teen WolfIn October we have Michael J. Fox playing a nerdy awkward teenager who discovers that in addition to all of the usual teenage problems, he has an additional hairy one as a Teen Wolf... Rated PG.
Saturday October 21, at 7:30pm

Christmas On MarsIn November we have a movie about a man organizing a Christmas pageant on Mars where the first child on Mars is about to born during Christmas On Mars... Not Rated.
Saturday November 18, at 7:30pm

Werewolf Of LondonIn December we have a tale of a scientist who, on a visit to Tibet in search of a rare flower, gets bit by a wolf. Upon his return to London, a series of mysterious murders occur during the full Moon -- could these murders be the the work of the Werewolf Of London? Not Rated.
Saturday December 16, 2017 at 7:30pm

Radar Men From The MoonWe will also be featuring the 12-part Republic serial, Radar Men From The Moon with Commander Cody. This 1952 serial features a trip to the Moon and Commander Cody flying around in his rocket suit, in glorious black and white complete with cheezy special effects. One 1/2 hour episode before each movie. Be sure to come to all 12 movies to catch all 12 episodes!

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