Broadband Internet Service - finally

As many of you have heard, broadband Internet service was introduced in Wendell last winter. This service was implemented through a partnership with the Town of Warwick. Last year our core company, AccessPlus Communications, built the broadband network for Warwick on Mt. Grace. As part of that project, AccessPlus implemented a high speed connection from Mt. Grace to Mt. Tom and on to Springfield.

Once the Warwick network was completed, it was determined that the towns of New Salem and Wendell could receive the signal. Internet service to the New Salem town offices, the Wendell Library and to a few residents was initiated last summer. Up to this time, expansion to additional residents has been slow as it was necessary to add additional bandwidth to accommodate the large number of potential users.

We are sending this letter to formally announce the creation of Country Road Networks, Inc. Country Road Networks is a wireless Internet service provider, which is now offering broadband Internet to all residents of Wendell who can receive the signal. Country Road Networks is a sister company to AccessPlus Communications.

A rate sheet is attached which provides our service offerings. Please note an option is included to have Country Road provide the in-home router. This is provided as we find problems with in-home routers can cause poor performance, however they are not within our control unless we provide them.

It is important to note that not everyone will receive the signal. In time we plan to add more repeater locations, which will allow more residents to receive the signal. Please be patient. If you are interested in the service, we will test the signal level at your home and determine if you can get the signal.

If you would like to request service or have questions for us please e-mail us at document.write(['support',''].join('@')).

Douglas Norton, President
Country Road Networks, Inc.