Flag of the town of Wendell Massachusetts (small version)  

Elected Officials

Selectboard Term Expires
Daniel Keller 2020
Jeoffrey G. Pooser 2018
Christine Heard 2019
Chris Wings 2020
Theodore Lewis 2018
Anna Seeger 2019
Town Clerk  
Gretchen Smith 2020
Tax Collector  
Penny Delorey 2020
Carolyn U. Manley 2020
Board of Health  
Judith Bailey 2020
James Thornley 2018
Nina Keller 2019
Planning Board  
Nan Riebschlaeger 2019
Molly Geiger 2020
Christopher Parker 2021
Heather Reed 2022
Richard Asmann 2018
Kathleen Nolan 2018
Cemetary Commissioner  
Sylvia Wetherby 2018
Ross Kahle 2018
Jon Bowers 2019
Road Commission  
Phil Delorey 2020
Michael E. Gifford 2018
Wayne Leonard 2019
Anne M. Diemand Bucci 2019
School Committee  
Johanna Bartlett 2020
Anna Rebecca Wetherby 2020
Jack Radner 2018
Amy Palmer 2019
Tree Warden  
Ross Kahle 2018
Library Trustees  
Judith Putnam 2020
Sylvia Wetherby 2020
Kathleen Swaim 2018
Melissa Grader 2018
Laurel Brenneman 2019
Phyllis Lawrence 2019

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